Elected Officials


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President and Vice President

                  PresidentBarack Obama
 Vice PresidentJoe Biden


 United States SenatorMarco Rubio
 United States SenatorBill Nelson
 U.S. House of Representatives District 17Tom Rooney
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Governor and Lieutenant Governor

 GovernorRick Scott
 Lt. Governor

Attorney General

 Attorney GeneralPam Bondi

Chief Financial Officer

 Chief Financial OfficerJeff Atwater

Commissioner of Agriculture

 Commissioner of AgricultureAdam H. Putnam

State Attorney

 State Attorney (19th Circuit)Bruce H. Colton

Public Defender

 Public Defender (19th Circuit)Diamond R. Litty


 State Senator District 21Denise Grimsley
 State House of Representatives District 55Cary Pigman

Circuit Judge


 19th Circuit, Group 1 James W. McCann
 19th Circuit, Group 2Gary L. Sweet
 19th Circuit, Group 3Sherwood Bauer, Jr.
 19th Circuit, Group 4Dwight L. Geiger
 19th Circuit, Group 5Paul B. Kanarek
 19th Circuit, Group 6F. Shields McManus
 19th Circuit, Group 7   (Chief Judge)Steven J. Levin
 19th Circuit, Group 8Robert A. Hawley, Jr.
 19th Circuit, Group 9Mark Klingensmith
 19th Circuit, Group 10Robert R. Makemson
 19th Circuit, Group 11Larry Schack
 19th Circuit, Group 12Robert E. Belanger
 19th Circuit, Group 13Cynthia L. Cox
 19th Circuit, Group 14 William L. Roby
 19th Circuit, Group 15Dan L. Vaughn
 19th Circuit, Group 16 Lawrence Mirman
 19th Circuit, Group 17Barbara W. Bronis
 19th Circuit, Group 18Elizabeth A. Metzger
 19th Circuit, Group 19Robert L. Pegg
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Constitutional Officers

 Clerk of the Circuit CourtSharon Robertson
 Property AppraiserWilliam Sherman
 SheriffPaul May
 Supervisor of ElectionsDiane Hagan
 Tax CollectorCeleste Watford

Board of County Commissioners


 County Commissioner District 1*Ray Domer
 County Commissioner District 2*Bryant Culpepper
 County Commissioner District 3*Frank Irby
 County Commissioner District 4*Terry Burroughs
 County Commissioner District 5*Margaret G. Helton
              * At Large

County Judge

 County JudgeJerald Bryant

School Board Members


 School Board Member District 1*Joe Arnold
 School Board Member District 2*Malissa Morgan
 School Board Member District 3*Dixie Ball
 School Board Member District 4*India Riedel
 School Board Member District 5*Jill Clericuzio Holcomb
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 City Council Member James A. Kirk
 City Council Member Noel A. Chandler
 City Council MemberMike O`Connor
 City Council Member Gary Ritter
 City Council MemberDowling R. Watford, Jr.
 City ClerkLane Gamiotea

Diane Hagan • Supervisor of Elections • Okeechobee County
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