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Data Processing Orders

 Requesting Voter File and Absentee/Mail Ballot information

(sections 97.0585, 119.01 & 101.62(3), F.S.)


Voter Registration Information Available in the Following Formats: 

LISTS: Includes - Voter’s ID number name, home address, mailing address if any,
date of birth, registration date, race, sex, party affiliation and precinct number

•   LABELS: Includes - Voter’s name, mailing address, voter registration number, and
precinct number)

    Lists and Labels available by:
       *  Precinct, District, City
       * Straight Alphabetical Order
       * Precinct/Alphabetical Order
       * Residence Address/Precinct Order – Walking List
       * Household Order – LABELS ONLY. Prints one label per unique address
or per unique name at an address. Labels addressed: “To the Registered
Voters at:“ or “To the Last Name Household:.”

CD /EMAIL: Raw data in CSV (comma-delimited) format is available on CD or by email;
the format is compatible using Excel or Access. A file layout is provided to
explain each column.

Voter history is included, a maximum of 15 elections are included or you may
designate the elections you wish to have included.


Absentee/Mail Ballot Information (section 101.62(3), F.S.) 

Only the following entities below may request and receive absentee/mail ballot request information.  In addition, the information may only be used for political purposes. 

          •   A canvassing board
    An election official
    A political party official
    A candidate who has completed qualifying and has opposition (reports only available
after qualifying period has started and candidate has been 
determined to have opposition.)
    A registered political committee

Requestor must fill out and file with the Supervisor of Elections an “Oath of Acquisition for List of Voters Requesting Absentee Ballots”

For candidates whose qualifying officer is the Division of Elections, our office requires written confirmation that you are a qualified candidate with opposition prior to processing a request for absentee/mail ballot request information.


Absentee/Mail Ballot Request Reports Available: 

  • Current Election File – voters requesting absentee ballot for the current election

The initial absentee/mail ballot mailing is available on CD/Email.  Daily absentee/mail ballot updates are only available by email.  No report will be scheduled after the Friday before the election.


Miscellaneous Information and Services: 

  • Precinct/District Maps (11X17):     $2.00 per map; $15.00 per set


Placing and Obtaining Orders: 

  • May be placed in person, by fax, or by email using the order form provided.  Any order not pre-approved by the proper authority will not be processed, and we will make every effort to notify the requester. 
  • Payment: All orders must be paid in full when picked up. Emailed orders must be paid in advance. 
  • Orders are processed on a “First Come, First Served” basis.  The Supervisor of Elections office does not have the manpower to provide any programming services.  That is the responsibility of the candidate or third party vendor.


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under florida law, email addresses are considered public record. if you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send email to this entity. instead contact this office by phone or in writing. (f.s.668.6067)