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Voting Equipment


Okeechobee County has used an optical scan tabulation system since the 2002 election cycle.

The voter places their voted ballot into the tabulator at the polling place or early voting site. If the voter has voted for more than one candidate in a race where only one vote is allowed, the tabulator will reject the ballot and allow the voter the chance to mark another ballot; the tabulator will also reject a completely blank ballot.

The ballot is designed with ovals printed to the left of each candidate's name or issue. The voter should completely fill in the oval to ensure their vote will count. Voters should not mark their ballot with an X or a check mark. The tabulator may not recognize these marks.

At the polling place or early voting site a special pen is provided for marking the ballot. However, all of our Accu-Vote tabulators have visible light read-heads, which allows a black or blue pen to be used when voting by mail (absentee).

If you make a mistake on your ballot, please do not erase or use white out. If you are voting at your polling place, just ask for another ballot. The spoiled ballot will be sealed in an envelope and a replacement will be issued. If you are voting by mail (absentee) and you make a mistake, just call the Election Office at (863)763-4014. Voters are allowed up to 2 replacement ballots. IMPORTANT: ONLY ONE (1) BALLOT WILL BE COUNTED.

Optical Scan Unit used for paper ballots



One audio-enhanced, accessible touch screen voting machine is available at each polling place and early voting site. This additional piece of equipment provides the opportunity for voters with low vision, voters who are blind or voters who are otherwise unable to cast a paper ballot without assistance to vote independently. 

The accessible voting equipment has many features.

  The voter may choose to magnify the screen, increasing the size of the ballot
text; they may then make their choice by touching the screen or 
by using a
  The voter may choose to listen to the ballot through a headset and vote with the
assistance of a keypad.
  The voter may increase or decrease the volume and the voter has the ability to
control the speed at which the audio ballot is being read by pressing a button on
the keypad.
  The voter may be seated or can choose to stand while using the accessible voting
  All ballot choices can be reviewed and confirmed by the voter prior to casting their
If you need to use the disability accessible equipment, please notify the poll worker before being issued a paper ballot.


   ADA Touch Screen Unit used for visual and audio aid 


To learn more about our equipment or to request a demonstration, please contact our office at (863)763-4014.

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